Christopher Ryan Delport

full stack php / javascript developer


Very few people in this world get to wake up and be excited to do what they do

for a living. I am happy to be one of them :) Even after 15 years in the

development industry.

I am a full stack PHP and Javascript developer, specialising in object-oriented

programming using the latest technologies and industry standards.

My experience ranges from developing large scale applications in

Laravel/Symfony or building custom libraries, to writing full stack Javascript

applications with AngularJS and NodeJs.

I am a huge fan of TDD and Agile methodologies and work extremely well in a

fast paced environment. Also, I firmly believe as a programmer you can never

learn enough so am constantly improving my skillset and love to share my

knowledge with others.

Over the years I have developed projects in various industries (tourism, retail,

real estate, gaming, transport, colleges, photography, engineering) and have

worked with some major brands like Chevrolet, Isuzu, Ackermans,

SA National Parks Board, Disney, Bells, Johnnie Walker and Harley Davidson.


technology proficiency

PHP 5.6 / 7 (ninja)

Laravel / Symfony2

Bash (intermediate)

Perl (intermediate)

Python (basic)

NodeJS (basic)

C#/ C++ (basic)

OO Javascript: ES5 / ES6

JQuery / Bootstrap





Webpack / Npm



Drupal / Wordpress / Magento

MySQL / Postgre / MongoDB

ElasticSearch / Redis

Linux CentOs / Unix

VirtualBox / Vagrant / Docker

CI / TDD / Scrum / XP

Composer / GitLab

professional experience
  • Object-oriented design patterns and frameworks (SOLID, DRY)
  • Analytical skills with debugging, code optimisation
  • Knowledge of various languages / technologies used in web dev
  • Possess good time management and organisational skills
  • Creative approach to solving problems
  • Great team player, always friendly and professional
2011 - 2012

brainbench certifications

  • PHP
  • CGI Scripting
  • Javascript
  • Relational Database
    Management Systems
  • Web Development Concepts
  • Web Design Concepts
  • Flash / Actionscript
  • Computer Fundamentals
    Windows 7
  • Computer Literacy Windows 7
  • Computer Fundamentals
    Mac OSX


2011 - 2013

CIW Certified Internet
Web Professional

CIW Development Professional*

  • Javascript Specialist
  • Perl Specialist
  • Database Specialist

CIW Design Professional*

  • Design Specialist
  • eCommerce Specialist

*Pending Ocial Certification status


ALISON certifications

  • Diploma in HTML5, CSS3
    and Javascript
  • Diploma in Web Design
  • Javascript Application Programming
  • Functionality of Javascript,
    JQuery and AJAX
honours and awards

recognition of web development

SA National Parks

I developed the competition website

and administration system for the

judges to view and score over

10 000 high resolution photos both

online and offline.


Received recognition of development

by the South African National Parks

(, Toyota and Nikon

silver web award

south africa web awards

Received award for development of

Northern Cape Tourism Authority's website.


The project took careful planning as it had to accommodate all service

providers in the local tourism industry as well as be efficient to use for tourists. One notable feature was its custom built search engine (PERL)


featured site of the week

Received award for best multimedia

website -


The project took over four months

to complete and involved everything

from sound engineering, photography, 3D modeling, design, illustration to programming interactive features in the user interface.


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I have worked with Ryan for 3 years now, and

we have undertaken various projects and

implementations during that time. I must say

that Ryan is incredibly friendly and easy to

work with, able to communicate well and

work alone without supervision whilst

producing impeccable results. His skillset far

surpasses his ocial title, and even when

tasked with technology out of his scope, he

always learns and provides results time and

time again. Any organisation lucky enough to

have Ryan will have a strong team player and

a creative technical resource.


- Kim Attree, Infrastructure Manager

Playsafe IT services


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